Jenny's at Jennys, Instagram DMs, and the artistic value of friendships
Some musings on the past few decades in America and a metaphor for the next
So far as the eye could see, there was nothing to tell. Little poppy-head yellow flowers caked the distance, and knowing my 30th year was approaching…

November 2022

The story of two Greek shipping magnates who became Eskimo-bros

October 2022

It’s become fashionable of late to theorize that we are living inside a simulation. The theory seems extracted from pop culture—the Matrix and its…

August 2022

Unedited thoughts on these unrelated topics

June 2022

Our bodies synchronized at the end of time
Jade's a Poem Flashing its Chest at You

April 2022

Angelic ass vibes
The Philosophy of Network Reality, part 1

March 2022

what we owe